HOTXSINC November 12: New Laws That Went into Effect September 1st – & – This Month We Meet at Bookwoman!

Our mission is to promote
the ongoing advancement, recognition,
and professional development of women crime writers.
                                             ~ SINC Mission Statement

Change of Meeting Place

HOTXSINC will meet at

BookWoman Bookstore
5501 N Lamar Blvd, Austin, TX 78751

November 12th

Our thanks to Bookwoman for providing a place
***filled with books***
for our November 12th meeting




Exhibitor Tent 4

Saturday, November 4 – 10:00 a.m. t0 5:00 p.m.
Sunday, November 5 – 11:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Stop by!

HOTXSINC authors will
sell their books,
meet the public,
spread the word about
SISTERS IN CRIME ~ Heart of Texas Chapter
and support public libraries throughout the state

Texas State Capitol Building and Grounds

HOTXSINC’s booth is courtesy of  a grant
from the Sisters in Crime national organization 


November 12 Program: Sgt. Robbie Barrera on New Laws That Went into Effect September 1
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Ramona DeFelice Long on NaNoWriMo
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New Laws That Went into Effect September 1, 2017

Sgt. Robbie Barrera

At the November 12 HOTXSINC meeting, Sgt. Robbie Barrera of the Texas Department of Public Safety will speak  about new laws that went into effect September 1.

Sgt. Barrera graduated from Texas State in San Marcos and holds a Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice with a minor in Sociology. She is a Master Peace Officer and an approved Instructor for the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement (TCOLE) and FEMA. She is certified as an Advanced Public Information Officer through U.S. Department of Homeland Security. She has served the state of Texas for over 24 years and currently serves as a Sergeant in Media and Communication. She was named Trooper of the Year by the Austin Exchange Club. She has been recognized for her public service by Safe Kids, Travis County Sheriff’s Office, MADD, Travis County Underage Drinking Program, FEMA, People against Violent Crime, and TABC.



Sisters in Crime Heart of Texas Chapter meets the second Sunday of each month at Book People, 603 North Lamar, Austin, phone 512-472-5050. Meetings begin at 2:15 p.m. Take the elevator to the third floor.

NOTE:  On November 12, 2017, Heart of Texas Chapter will meet at 

BookWoman Bookstore
5501 N Lamar Blvd, Austin, TX 78751

For information about the Heart of Texas Chapter, contact Joyce Arquette, Publicity (512) 266-6543, and visit our website at


Murder is a plant of slow growth … ~ Mignon Eberhart


***** *****

It was said of Miss Letitia
that when money came into her possession
it went out of circulation. 

Mary Roberts Rinehart


The Word on Our Members

N. M. Cedeno‘s THE WALLS CAN TALK, a ghost mystery, is available in ebook format.


Laura Oles debut novel, DAUGHTERS OF BAD MEN, will be released by Red Adept Publishing on November 14, 2017. The story follows Jamie Rush, a skip tracer working in Port Alene, Texas, and her search for her missing niece.  DAUGHTERS OF BAD MEN was named a Killer Nashville Claymore Award Finalist in 2016.


Meredith Lee’s new novel, SHROUDED: A CRISPIN LEADS MYSTERY, is taking to the road. A book club in Morrison, Colorado, featured the thriller in a two-and-a-half group discussion on October 22.  Another group of readers is planning a book sale/signing celebration in Stephenville, Texas on Sunday, November 19 from 2-4 p.m. The celebration will be at 1442 Private Road 2114 (South US 81).

Meredith Lee is the pen name for the Austin-based writing team of Dixie Lee Evatt and Sue Meredith Cleveland. For more about their debut novel go to


Patricia Flaherty Pagan‘s award-winning mystery story, “Padre,” has been published in the anthology TALES OF TEXAS. The anthology of short stories by Texas authors is available in select indie bookstores and on Amazon. The publisher will donate a portion of the fall sales to benefit Hurricane Harvey relief efforts.


Coincidence means only a connection that’s not seen.
Roots meet underground. ~ Charlotte Armstrong

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It is a curious thing
that when one speaks from the heart
it is invariably in the worst of taste. ~ Ngaio Marsh


HOTXSINC Authors Guest on MysteryPeople Blog

In recognition of Sisters in Crime’s 30th Anniversary, MysteryPeople  has hosted blog posts by four SINC authors. Three Heart of Texas Chapter authors led off.

October 5 Fran Paino

October 9 Dave Ciambrone

October 19Noreen Cedeno

post by Terry Shames, president of Sisters in Crime Northern California Chapter, completes the series.

Thanks to MysteryPeople for helping celebrate SINC’s 30th Anniversary.


As cows need milking and sweet peas need picking,
so writers must continually exercise their mental muscles
by a daily stint. ~ Joan Aiken

***** *****

Don’t matter if you believe in them or not.
If they’re there, they’re there,’ Mrs. Phipps said. ~ Joan Lowery Nixon


Friday Fictioneers–Flash Fiction Opportunity


Rochelle Wisoff-Fields:

Each week, Rochelle Wisoff-Fields hosts Friday Fictioneers, bloggers from all over the world who share 100-word stories. Every Tuesday, she posts a picture prompt. The following Friday, Fictioneers post their stories on their own blogs and link to InLinkz, a collection of links to all the stories posted that week. (Stories may be linked before and after the posting Friday–but not after a new photo prompt has been posted.)

Instructions for writing and for linking appear on Rochelle’s blog and on the Friday Fictioneers’ Facebook page.

Below are some examples of stories by Friday Fictioneers.

Tresha Barger: “Right or Wrong (2)”

Clare Hempstead: “Duplicity”

Susan Spaulding: “Deadly Curiousity

Kathy Waller: “‘Shrooms”

Janet: The Assignation

Dawn M. Miller: Friday Fictioneers: Haunted by Knick Knacks

Linda: “Old Tree”


The most important thing she’d learned over the years
was that there was no way to be a perfect mother
and a million ways to be a good one.~ Jill Churchill

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Perfume companies ought to bottle the smell of crisp bacon.
Forget pheromones.
I’ll bet a woman with a little spot of bacon grease behind her ears
would attract every male within a five-mile radius. ~ Blaize Clement


 Ramona DeFelice Long on NaNoWriMo

NaNoWriMo–National Novel Writing Month–begins November 1. Writer and editor Ramona DeFelice Long offers advice for beginning and winning the challenge.

–from Ramona DeFelice Long






 The mills of God work like lightning compared with the law. ~ Mary Stewart

***** *****

 His books distracted him for a while.
They were like the aspirins you take when you’ve got a headache.
They kill the pain for two hours and then it comes back.  ~ Barbara Vine


Selected Sites


Chicago’s Radio Days Return in ‘Homicide for the Holidays’

Many, often most, of the Selected Sites come from the blog The Passive Voice: A Lawyer’s Thoughts on Authors, Self-Publishing and Traditional Publishing.  (“Passive Guy is an attorney, entrepreneur, former tech executive and writer.”) Each issue offers summaries of articles related to writing and links to the full articles in various publications. Those listed below are drawn from a number of PV’s posts. You can receive daily updates of The Passive Voice via email by subscribing to the website. In addition, when you purchase books from Amazon, you can support The Passive Voice at no extra cost to you–instructions appear in the blog’s sidebar.

From Amazon, a Change That Hurts Authors

Self-Published ISBNs Hit 786,935 in 2016

The Attention Economy

“Does Each Click of Attention Cost a Bit of Ourselves?” [Conversation; link embedded in the article above]

Sonny Bono Memorial Collection

Why the Seattle Mystery Bookshop Must Close

Fast-Draft Writing for NaNoWriMo and Every Other Month

Help! I Don’t Know How to Rate Books!

Hey, Websites: Think Before You Link to Amazon

Sexual Harassment Is a Problem in Publishing

 Amy Tan on Writing and the Secrets of Her Past

The 5 Weirdest Lawsuits About Authors Stealing Ideas

Supreme Court says copyright law does not protect publishers in discount re-sales

When Copyright Goes Copywrong

[“Charade: The Cary Grant and Audrey Hepburn film, a big-budget Universal Pictures release, fell out of copyright immediately upon release because the title screen failed to actually use the word “copyright,” instead stating “MCMLXIII BY UNIVERSAL PICTURES COMPANY, INC. and STANLEY DONEN FILMS, INC. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.”]

Bookstore Sales Dropped 10.9% in August

Amazon Bookstores Offer Peek Into Whole Foods’ Future

A new study shows that students learn way more effectively from print textbooks than screens

How Harvey Weinstein Used His Book Imprint to Cover His Tracks



Love and a cold cannot be hid.
It is, I believe, a Spanish proverb. ~ Patricia Wentworth

***** *****

Have you ever noticed the softness of a kitten’s feet?
– they are like raspberries to hold in one’s hand.
~ Anne Douglas Sedgwick


The One Thing More

You are the lady to help people. The words came back to her as she made her way home that evening. It was pleasing to know that people thought that of you, but worrying, too. You could not help everybody–nobody could–because the world was too full of need and troubles, a wide ocean of them, and one person could not begin to deal with all that. And yet, even if you were just one person, and even if you could not solve everybody’s problems, when somebody came to you and looked frightened, you could not say, Go away. I cannot do anything for you. You say instead, Yes, I will do what I can. And then, when you go home from work at the end of the day, you sit on your small verandah watching the day turn to dusk, nursing a cup of red bush tea in your hands, and wonder what on earth what you could possibly do to help.

~ Alexander McCall Smith, The Saturday Big Tent Wedding Party


Nolo Contendere

  1. Members, send news for HOTSHOTS! to kathywaller1 at gmail dot com.
  2. Member authors, send head shots and titles of your publications to kathywaller1 at gmail dot com for the HOTXSINC Author page. See how your information will be used at
  3. If you find errors–from typos to information that’s incorrect or that should appear but doesn’t–please email Kathy. HOTSHOTS! will live forever on the Internet. We want it to be accurate.

Kathy Waller, Editor
kathywaller1 at gmail dot com


October 8: Party! Sisters in Crime’s 30th Anniversary





HOTXSINC February 12, 2017: Interdiction for the Protection of Children

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Editor’s Note


At the February 12 HOTXSINC meeting, Texas Ranger Cody Mitchell will speak about Child Interdiction, a program he helped develop to teach law enforcement officers, while doing their everyday duties, to recognize signs of missing, abducted, and exploited children. The program also teaches them to identify, in the absence of a child, indicators that an adult individual has or will offend against a child.

Texas Ranger Cody Mitchell
Texas Ranger Cody Mitchell

Law enforcement officials have conducted investigations based on these discoveries for several years, and have successfully saved many children and prevented additional children from behind victimized.

Ranger Mitchell has been building and teaching the program for the past eight years and has helped embed the training into the Texas Department of Public Safety Academy curriculum.  News of the program’s success in Texas has spread and he has helped teach these skills in over 26 states, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police Academy, Great Britain, Australia. He has also helped the state police prepare for the last two  Super Bowls.

About Texas Ranger Cody Mitchell:

I have been in law enforcement for close to 20 years and have held positions with city, county, and state police, in positions ranging from patrol officer, highway patrol officer, violent crimes detective, and Texas Ranger.  I started my law enforcement carrier in the Rio Grande Valley, working for local agencies until joining DPS in 2005.  While assigned to Texas Highway Patrol I was stationed along IH 10 and worked from Houston to the Louisiana Border.  I was promoted to Texas Ranger in 2009 and was stationed in Austin, Texas, where I am currently stationed.  I am a part of Ranger Company F and provide service to four counties.  My area of expertise is Child Related and Sex Related crimes, including Sexual Deviancy.  I am the co-creator of the Interdiction for the Protection of Children program, which teaches officers how to locate and identify missing, abducted, and exploited children during normal duty tasks, such as while conducting traffic stops.  This also includes educating officers on techniques which enable them to recognize indicators that an adult individual has or will offend against a child. In addition to my current work load I also speak internationally about child related investigations and sexually motivated crimes.  I am the recipient of two medals of valor, a Directors Citation, and the 100 Club of Harris County Officer of the year award.


HOTXSINC meets from 2:15 to 4:00 p.m.the second Sunday of each month at the Yarborough Branch of the Austin Public Library. For more information, email JArquette (at) austin (dot) rr (dot) com.

SINC heart 4

Benefits of Joining SINC/HOTXSINC

  • Sell your books at the HOTXSINC booth at the annual Texas Book Festival.
  • Announce your publications, signings, presentations, etc., on the HOTXSINC website.
  • Publish your work in HOTXSINC publications.
  • Take part in HOTXSINC chapter challenges.
    and more.

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HOTXSINC dues are due.

For local membership, send check to

Dave Ciambrone, Treasurer
Sisters In Crime: Heart of Texas Chapter
4500 Williams Drive Suite 212-334
Georgetown, TX 78633

Membership form is here.

Note: Members of HOTXSINC must also join national Sisters in Crime. Follow instructions on the SINC website: You may join/renew national membership online or by mail.

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Members: Email news you’d like to share to kathywaller1 at gmail dot com for inclusion in the next web post.

Members who are published authors: Send a head shot and title/publisher of your books. For short stories or articles, send titles and places of publications. For anything published under a pseudonym, include pseudonym. This info will be published on an Author page. ~ kathywaller1 at gmail dot com

Members: We need content for the HOTXSINC blog: Reviews of books/magazines/TV programs and series/movies (250 – 300 words); website/book/story, etc., recommendations (title, publisher, link, two or three sentences); essays/articles about mysteries, authors, writing, exhibits (Remember the Poe exhibit at the Harry Ransom?)… Share information about publications/events you’ve read, viewed, enjoyed.  ~ kathywaller1 at gmail dot com

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News from Our Members

  • RIVER CITY DEAD, Aggie Mundeen Mystery #4, by Nancy G. West will came out January 17.
    “The characters are believable and the plot is fascinating. Fast-paced, intriguing, and like an Agatha Christie novel…River City Dead is one adventure I highly recommend to all. ”  ~ Danielle Urban, Goodreads
  • In February, Nancy G. West will participate as a panelist on CRIME SOLVING COUPLES: The Benefits, Challences, and Pitfalls of Writing About Crime-solving Duos, MWA’s Florida chapter writers’ event. Other panelists will be Robin Burcell and Carol J. Perry. Nancy J. Cohen will moderate.

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Calls for Submissions 

Knife Challenge

–from Eugenia Parrish
–to members of HOTXSINC 

eugenia-parrish-knife-0109171014At the HoTSinC meeting on January 8, I offered a writing challenge to the members, with this knife as the prize. The parameters are taken from Ellery Queen magazine’s guidelines for a short story, which are between 2500 and 8000 words (approx 10 to 32 pages depending on the font, word processor, etc.)  For those who weren’t there, the knife is a “hunting knife” of 8.5″ overall length and a blade of 4″.  Surgical steel blade, Paka wood handle and comes with a leather sheath.

I wish I could accept emailed manuscripts, but I’m just not set up for it, so at the next meeting, Feb 12, everyone give me their printed out manuscript with their name on, of course, and the word count.  We will announce our winner at the March meeting at Bookpeople.  We are all pros, but I’ll just mention that the font should be pretty standard, like Times New Roman, nothing fancy or hard to read, and the usual size 12 or 14.  Please no pink paper!

The story has to be a crime/mystery that includes the knife in this picture.  It doesn’t necessarily have to be THE weapon, just in the story somewhere.
I look forward to reading some great stuff!

2016-17 “Chaos” Call for Submissions

–from Texas Mountain Trail Writers
–to Members of Texas Mountain Trail Writers

March 15, 2017, DEADLINE for Submissions for Chaos,
the yearly publication of the Texas Mountain Trail Writers

This is a call for submissions for the 2016-17 Chaos West of the Pecos, the yearly publication of the Texas Mountain Trail Writers.

All paid current members are invited to submit up to 4 manuscripts or poems with total word count no more than 6000. Your dues must be current (dues’ year is April 30, 2016, to April 29, 2017). To check on your status you may contact our treasurer, Jacqueline Siglin at


More information at Texas Mountain Trail Writers

SINC heart 4

Workshops, Classes, Writing Groups…

15 Minutes of Fame, a writing practice group, meets the third Saturday of the month at Twin Oaks Branch Library, 1800 S. Fifth (corner of S. Fifth and W. Mary), Austin, from 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon. Participants do timed writings, then read aloud what they’ve written (but only if they want to read aloud). Strictly recreation–no critiques.


Write the Book – Starts 2/1/2017
Form in Creative Nonfiction – Starts 2/16/2017
Life Cycle of a Mini Comic/Zine – Starts 2/6/2017


Friday Fictioneers
Friday Fictioneers write 100-word stories based on photographs. A photo prompt is posted every Tuesday; stories are due the by following Friday. Post story and photo on your blog, link to stories of other Friday Fictioneers, and then read and comment on what your fellow have written. Find instructions and photo prompts at Rochelle Wisoff-Fields – Addicted to Purple.

For examples from HOTXSINC members see Tresha Barger’s posts:
First Day
A Journey
Rembrandt Rustlers
Home Alone
… and search her blog for many others.

Or Kathy Waller’s posts:
Pogo Stick
I Told You

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Prompts and Challenges

WordPress: The Daily Post

Photo Challenges

Discover Challenges

Daily Prompts

Friday Fictioneers

Blogging fro A to Z Challenge [April 2017]

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Selected Sites  

Nightstand Book Reviews

The Agatha Awards for 2016

39 Weeks: 39 Blogs Everyone Should Follow in 2017

Authors Hall of Fame Guidelines

Scribophile Writing Academy

Kristin Lamb’s Blog

W.A.N.A. Tribe: We Are Not Alone

The Stiletto Gang


Thanks to The Passive Voice* for the following links:

*The Passive Voice

*Technology Is the Worst Thing to Ever Happen to Me

*“You Can Write a Best-Seller and Still Go Broke”

*The Industry Finally Acknowledges Indies Are Authors

*DBW ’17: Why are print sales up? Data Guy gives his reason—and it isn’t adult coloring books


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Last Month’s Meeting

Dave Ciambrone presented Death by Firearms or, What Really Happens When You Shoot Someone.


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Editor’s Note
Don’t forget to send a head shot and titles of your published books and stories to kathywaller1 at gmail dot com. If you wish, send links to your blog/webpage and publications.

~ Edited by Kathy Waller