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2015 Mentors and Aspiring Writers

Susan Rogers Cooper – Jessie Winter

Russ Hall – Tresha Barger

  • Jan Grape receives Sage Award, Karen MacInerney and Susan Rogers Cooper Speak, and two new aspiring writers are introduced.


  • On May 17, 2015, The Barbara Burnett Smith Mentoring Authors Foundation will present mystery author Jan Grape with the 2015 Sage Award, which is given to a mentor-author who demonstrates an outstanding spirit of service in mentoring, sharing and leading others in the mystery writing community.


  • Two new Aspiring Writers for the 2015 Barbara Burnett Smith Event, Jessie Winter (mentored by Susan Rogers Cooper) and Tresha Barger (mentored by Russ Hall), will be honored at the Sisters in Crime: Heart of Texas chapter meeting.


  • Susan Rogers Cooper will talk about Jan Grape’s mysteries and Karen MacInerney will speak about Barbara Burnett Smith’s books. Jan Grape will give the keynote address.

2012 Mentors and Aspiring Writers

Jan Grape – Laura Oles

Joan Upton Hall – Maya Pruett

Russ Hall – Grace Garne

Julie Wray Herman – Elizabeth Buhmann

2011 Mentors and Aspiring Writers

Joan Upton Hall – Margaret-Anne Halse


2010 Mentors and Aspiring Writers

Jan Grape – Valerie Chandler

Gaylon Greer – Susan Toalson

Russ Hall – Audrey Webb

Evelyn Palfrey – Susy Terrell

Mark Troy – Bill Williams


  • SINC heart 4Mentor Author Sylvia Dickey Smith receives the 2010 Barbara Burnett Smith Sage Award.
  • 2009 Mentor Author Sylvia Dickey Smith has a new book out:  “A War of Her Own”, September 2010, a captivating tale of Bea Meade, lady riveter, and the challenges she faces on the homefront working on the Texas/Louisiana border in a booming shipyard during World War II.

SINC heart 5


2009 Mentor Authors and Aspiring Writers

Dave Ciambrone – Gale  Albright

One Small Monkey

Helen Ginger – Lisa Carroll-Lee

The Notable Diary of Miss Irmalinda Suarez Johansen-Johnsten, Adventuress

Jan Grape – Diane Holmes

The Countermeasure

Susan Rogers Cooper – Heidi Anna Johnson

Black and White and Dead All Over 

J. F. Constantine – Catherine Quay

Death of a Silly Housewife 

Russ Hall – Jennifer Old

The General’s Other Secret 

Sylvia Dickey Smith – C. L. Phillips

Inside Out 

Julie Wray Herman – Lorie Shaw

Starlight Legacy

Karen Swartz MacInerney – Caroline A Shearer

Dead End Date 

Vallie Fletcher Taylor – Anna Slade

Bloodroot Holler

Joan Upton Hall – Melisa Waters

When Time Is Never Missed

George Wilhite – Ricardo White

Chasing Spirit

SINC heart 4Aspiring Writer Caroline Shearer (Mentor Author Karen Swartz MacInerney) has published three books:  Adventures of a Lightworker:  Dead End Date: (2009); “Love Like God:  Embracing Unconditional Love: (2011); and “Raise Your Vibration:  Tips and Tools for a High-Frequency Life” (2011).

SINC heart 5


2008 Mentors and Aspiring Writers

There is no information for 2008 Mentors and Aspiring Writers on the current website.

Aspiring Mystery Writer Robin Allen (Mentor Author Karen Swartz MacInerney) has sold her first mystery to Midnight Ink in a three-book deal. If You Can’t Stand the Heat, the first in the Poppy Markham Mystery series, features a chef turned by-the-book public health inspector who reluctantly becomes involved in a murder investigation when her territorial stepsister’s knife is found in the heart of an egotistical French chef during a party to celebrate the grand re-opening of the family restaurant. Publication is set for May 2011.


SINC heart 5

2007 Mentors and Aspiring Writers

Russ Hall – Jacquelin Siglin

Julie Wray Herman – Carrie Crain

Micqui Miller – Sandra Bretting

Val Taylor – Elizabeth Baldwin

SINC heart 5

2006 Mentors and Aspiring Writers

Susan P. Baker – Jane Sevier

David Ciambrone – Joan Y. Perkins

Russ Hall – Julie Ann Candoli

Karen MacInerney – Betsy Tyson

J. F. Margos – Joyce Arquette

Micqui Miller – Dorothy Hyde Martin

Val Taylor – Jo Virgil

Fred Webster – Elizabeth Baldwin

SINC heart 4Julie Ann Candoli, 2006 Aspiring Writer/Mentor Author Russ Hall, was a finalist in the mystery category of the 2009 Writer’s League of Texas manuscript contest.

SINC heart 42006 Mentor Author Dave Ciambrone has a new book out in the Virginia Davies series, “Quest for the Crystal Skull”, September 2010

SINC heart 42006 Mentor Author Val Taylor books include:  Rebel Private: Front and Rear   Dutton/Plume published 1995; Spirits of Texas, Emerald Ink Publications 2001; and Eyes in the Alley,    Zumaya Publications  2009.  Val also gives the following workshops: “The Story of You,” “Understanding and Developing Your Psychic Ability,” and “Surviving a Near Death Experience and Integrating it Into Your Life.”



SINC heart 5


2005 Mentors and Aspiring Writers

Ja Adams – Cindy Bates

Susan P. Baker – Bill Mays

Nancy Bell – Emma Murray & Ginger Calem

Kathy Borich – Rie Sheridan

Laura Bradley – Kimberly Sandman & Carolyn Stephens

Christopher Cook – Laura Call & Ron Prenot

Susan Rogers Cooper – Helen Ginger

Jan Grape – Mike Thomas & Gwendolyn Chant

Joan Hall – Virginia Blackman

Russ Hall – A. Peter Thaddeus

Evelyn Palfrey – Nik Dace

Jack Rosshirt – Matthew Hallam

Nancy West – Sandra Gail Teichman






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