Member Opportunities


If you are a current member of the Sisters in Crime, Heart of Texas chapter and would like to volunteer at the exhibitor booth, please check the sign-up roster. You do not need to be a published author to volunteer. It is a great opportunity for our mystery fan members and aspiring author members to experience another side of the festival and interact with attendees.


A special festival price of $10.00 (including taxes) will be offered to festival attendees for all books on sale at the Sisters in Crime – Heart of Texas exhibitor booth. Members do not need to volunteer in order to sell their books at the festival. All authors are responsible for paying their own taxes on their book sales. Authors are limited to a limit of 10 books per title.

Volunteer Authors – If you will be signing books, please provide an 8×10 photo and a brief bio to K.P. Gresham at a meeting or by email KPGresham @ aol dot com.

Non-Volunteer Authors – If you will not be signing up to work the booth but would like us to sell your books at the event, please provide a written summary or sales book for each of your titles to K.P. Gresham at a meeting or by email KPGresham @ aol dot com.

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