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Sisters in Crime – Heart of Texas Chapter strives to bring interesting and educational presentations to our members. Our meetings are free and open to the public unless otherwise noted. Below is a list of past meetings. If you would like to attend a current meeting check out our Upcoming Meetings page.

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October 11, 2020

Via Zoom 


Bill Woodburn – “Beyond Good & Bad Guys: Using Real Life Motivations in your Writing”

One way to get stuck in a story is to have too shallow a motivation for your characters. They’ve sailed through some everyday actions, but when faced with a real struggle, they get stuck — and you get stuck as a writer. Characters facing desperate, dangerous, or difficult situations need powerful motivations. Everyday reasons don’t force us to keep going when the going gets hard. Luckily, there are no simple humans. Everyone has plenty of reasons — known and unconscious — for what we do. Our motivations are a map of what we care about, how we show up, and often include the ingredients for our eventual success or failure. Join us as we explore what motivates people to engage the world, take risks, be cruel or kind, and keep going in the face of danger.

Bill Woodburn, MEd, LPC-S, LMFT-S has been a counselor and workshop presenter in Austin for over 30 years. He works everyday with motivation and change. At night, he writes historical murder mysteries. You can learn more about Bill’s practice at


September 13, 2020

Watch the recorded meeting on YouTube 

Tex Thompson.jpg

Tex Thompson – “Juice Box Hero: Squeezing Plot from Character”

Tex’s got ten hot tips to juice up a story whether you are still outlining or already deep in revision. They say there are only six plots. Maybe seven. But there are a million characters – and a great one can make an author’s career. If you have an AMAZING character (or ten), but are struggling to sustain their story lines – or if your intricate, masterfully-crafted plot feels a bit flat on personality – have no fear. Fire up your computer and hop onto Zoom and discover how to distill a story that readers will remember from characters they’ll never forget. Bring your enthusiasm and all your burning questions!


August 9, 2020  

 Watch the recorded meeting on YouTube 

Lori Rader Day, Author of Mystery

A Chat with Lori Rader-Day, President of National of Sisters in Crime and award-winning mystery author!
Author Lori Rader-Day will speak about her new book, The Lucky One , and answer questions about getting published.


July 12, 2020  

 Watch the recorded meeting on YouTube 

How to Submit Short Stories to Magazines, Anthologies, and Contests
With N. M. Cedeño

Author N. M Cedeño will present the latest on submitting short stories!

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June 14, 2020  

 Watch the recorded meeting on YouTube 

(Or Carl Jung Meets Dashiell Hammett)

With K. P. Gresham

Author K.P. Gresham will present the hero’s journey in terms of mystery writing. We will be looking at the structure of The Maltese Falcon.


May 17, 2020

(Special Date – 3rd Sunday instead of 2nd Sunday of the month due to Mother’s Day)

Forensic locksmithing – tex thompson

Tex is back again with “Forensic Locksmithing.” In April we’ll get the criminal side of how to break a lock. In May we get the perspective of the investigators who have to analyze the evidence left behind by the lock-smith criminals.


April 19, 2020

(Special Date – 3rd Sunday instead of 2nd Sunday of the month due to Easter)

Locksmithing for writers – Tex Thompson

Tex Thompson “Locksmithing for Writers” – Essential keys (and picks, rakes, files, etc.) for lock-outs, break-ins and plot twists galore! Limber up your fingers!  Tex is a ‘rural fantasy’ author, egregiously enthusiastic speaker and author of Children of the Drought, an internationally-published epic fantasy Western series, as well as an instructor for Writing Workshops Dallas.


March 8, 2020


Walt GraggWalt Gragg, author of The Red Line–which was named the 14th Annual American Book Fest Best Book Award Winner–and was a 2018 International Thriller Writer’s Best First Novel Finalist, will speak to us about the Art of Writing the Thriller. He will also sign books at the end of our meeting.


February 9, 2020

When a body talks – DR. DANNY WESCOTT

Dr. Danny Wescott, Director of Texas State University’s Forensic Anthropology Center. He will discuss his research on using forensic anthropological methods to reconstruct biological profiles, trauma patterns and other types of evidence that can be learned from studying a crime victim’s remains. Bring your notebooks and questions!!


January 12, 2020

Funeral home’s role in police investigations -TIFFANY AGUILAR

Tiffany Cooper-Aguilar, licensed Funeral Director and Embalmer spoke to our group about how a victim’s remains are handled during a homicide investigation including legal issues regarding custody of the body, and more!

Tiffany Cooper-Aguilar has worked in the funeral profession since 2008.  She is a proud member of the Texas Funeral Directors Association and remains an advocate for the funeral profession.