HOTXSINC Membership Form 2018

hotx-logo-72dpiSisters in Crime Heart of Texas Chapter

2018 Membership Form

Join Sisters in Crime Heart of Texas Chapter (HOTXSINC)

Print, complete form, enclose a check, and mail to:

Dave Ciambrone, Treasurer
Sisters In Crime: Heart of Texas Chapter
4500 Williams Drive Suite 212-334
Georgetown, TX 78633

Annual dues are $20.00. Please print.

Note: Membership in HOTXSINC will be valid when membership in the international Sisters in Crime has been verified.  To join the international, follow instructions on the SINC website:

This application is ___New ___Renewal

Date Joined Sisters in Crime International __________________

Date ________________________

Name _____________________________________________________________________

Pseudonym(s) ______________________________________________________________


City, State, ZIP______________________________________________________________

Cell phone (___ )____________________ Other (____)_____________________

Email ____________________________ _________________________________________

Include contact information in HOTXSINC Directory? Yes_______ No _______

Website ___________________________________________________________________

Facebook page________________________________________________

Check all applicable categories.

___Published mystery author ___Aspiring mystery writer ___Editor

___Publicist ___Publisher ___Agent

___Screenwriter ___Reviewer/Critic ___Librarian

___Bookseller ___Reader/Fan ___Teacher

___Published author in field of _________________________________________________


Updated 8/12/2018