SINC heart 4N. M. Cedeno

N. M. Cedeno

Fiction Novels

All in Her Head
For the Children’s Sake
The Walls Can Talk
Degrees of Deceit 

 Short Stories
 A Reasonable Expectation of Privacy
 In the Interest of Public Safety
 Bad Vibes Removal Services: Short Story Collection
 Island Vibes and Other Stories
 Arson Vibes and Other Tales

Dave Ciambrone  SINC heart 4

Fiction Novels

Laguna Treasure

Napa Nights
Pelican Cove
Castle Finlaystoke
Left at Georgetown
San Gabriel’s Secret
Quest for the Crystal Skull
The Trashy Gourmet
 Dangerous Threads
 Murder at Webster’s Point
 Trail of Thread
 Red Tide Murders
 Suspicious Threads 


 Poison Handbook for Writers

SINC heart 4Kelly Cochran

Kelly Cochran

Fiction Novels  

Buying Time
Borrowed Time

Short Stories
Blinded by Murder (Fish or Cut Bait: A Guppy Anthology)
Tidbit of Joy (Chicken Soup for the Soul: Miracles & Divine Intervention)                             

SINC heart 4Helen Currie Foster

Ghost Daughter

Ghost Dog
Ghost Cave
Ghost Dagger
Ghost Next Door
Ghost Cat


SINC heart 4  K. P. Gresham

Four Reasons to Die

Murder on the Third Try

Murder in the Second Pew
The Preacher’s First Murder
Three Days at Wrigley Field

K.M. HodgeSINC heart 4

KM Hodge
      Kelly Manfredini

Red on the Run
Black and White Truth
True Blue Son
Sally Ride Chronicle
Walker Texas Wife
Texas and Tiaras
Save the Date
Summer of ’78

SINC heart 4Patrick Kelly

The Mountain View Murder

The Entrepreneurs
The Cartel Banker
A Siren’s Love
The Island Thief

Meredith LeeSINC heart 4

Meredith Lee: Sue Cleveland & Dixie Lee Evatt


Digging Up the Dead



The Daughters of Bad Men

“Buon Viaggio” in Murder on Wheels
“Oceans Fifty” in Day of the Dark

Francine Paino

Fiction Novels

The Church Murders and the Cat’s Prey

 Catwalk Dead

 I’m Going to Kill that Cat

 To Live and Die for Dance
 Mama’s Little Lady
 Two Wolves Dancing

 Short Stories
 “Ivan’s Double Life” in Funny Times and Over My Dead Body


Susan Toalson

Susan Toalson 280 x 299

Designed for Murder


SINC heart 4M. K. Waller

“A Nice Set of Wheels” and “Hell on Wheels” in Murder on Wheels
“And Justice for All” in Mysterical-E
“I’ll Be a Sunbeam” in Day of the Dark: Stories of Eclipse

SINC heart 4Nancy G. West

Nancy G. West

River City Dead
Nine Days to Evil
Fit to Be Dead
Dang Near Dead
Smart But Dead


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