SINC heart 4K.P. Gresham, President
kpgresham at aol dot com

SINC heart 4Kelly Manfredini, Vice President
KMHodgeauthor at gmail dot com

SINC heart 4Fran Paino, Secretary
franpaino at gmail dot com

SINC heart 4Dave Ciambrone, Treasurer
mysterywriter5 at msn dot com

2021 Other Board Members and Chairs

Noreen Cedeno, Past President
noreenm74 at yahoo dot com

Kelly Cochran, Newsletter/Website Chair
kelly at kellycochran dot com

Helen Currie Foster, Member-at-Large
helen currie foster at gmail dot com

Kathy Waller, Chapter Historian
kathywaller1 at gmail dot com

2019 -2020

Noreen Cedeno, President
K.P. Gresham, Vice President
Fran Paino, Secretary
Dave Ciambrone, Treasurer
Kelly Cochran, Communications Chair

2017 – 2018

Helen Currie Foster, President
Noreen Cedeno, Vice President/President Elect
Fran Paino, Secretary
Dave Ciambrone, Treasurer
Joyce Arquette, Publicity
Kathy Waller, Web Editor


Gale Albright, President
George Wier, Vice President/President Elect
Helen Currie Foster, Secretary/Historian
Dave Ciambrone, Treasurer
Kathy Waller, Membership
Joyce Arquette, Publicity
Gale Albright, Barbara Burnett Smith Program Coordinator
Gale Albright, Newsletter Editor
Valerie Chandler, Social Media


Kathy Waller, President
Gale Albright, Vice President/President Elect
Anna Castle, Secretary/Historian
Martha Carr, Treasurer
Dave Ciambrone, Membership
Joyce Arquette, Publicity

SINC heart 2

Presidents 1994 – 2014

1994 Betsy Tyson
1995 Betsy Tyson
1996 Judy Scott/Helen Ginger
1997 Helen Ginger
1998 Kathy Ferguson/Beth Sample
1999 Laura Call
2000 Linda Bingham
2001 Pat Ricks
2002 Chuck Toubin
2003 Janet Christian
2004 Sarah Ann Robertson
2005 Kathy Borich
2006 Sarah Ann Robertson
2007 Sarah Ann Robertson
2008 Sarah Ann Robertson
2009 Sylvia Dickey Smith
2010 Sarah Ann Robertson
2011 Sarah Ann Robertson
2011 Dave Ciambrone
2012 Sarah Ann Robertson
2013 Sarah Ann Robertson
2014 Sue Vertrees

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