HOTXSINC Meeting: May 20, 2018–the 3rd Sunday–at Cafe Express

Our mission is to promote
the ongoing advancement, recognition,
and professional development of women crime writers.
                                             ~ SINC Mission Statement


Program: Ed Martin – Fraud Investigation Techniques
and Breaking the Madalyn Murray O’Hair
Kidnapping and Murder Case

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Nolo Contendere

Ed Martin


Fraud Investigation Techniques


Breaking the Madalyn Murray O’Hair

Kidnapping/Murder Case


Ed Martin, our Sisters in Crime speaker on May 20, is a former U.S. Treasury agent and now a private investigator at Sage Investigations.  In 1975 while working for the Treasury Department, he and his family moved to Austin where he became a senior agent and lead agent in the investigation and prosecution of income tax evasion and fraud investigations.  He resigned from the US Treasury in 1984 and became a Supervising Examiner for the Texas State Securities Board in Austin. He became adept in broader definitions of fraud: Ponzi schemes, oil and gas fraud, and securities fraud. 

Ed returned in 1991 to the IRS Criminal Investigation Division as a Special Agent to investigate fraud and money laundering cases.  He was the lead agent and instrumental in solving the 5-year old mystery of what happened to Madalyn Murray O’Hair and her two adult children.  After the trial of one of the criminals convicted in the O’Hair case, the Austin Chronicle stated: “If not for the methodical investigation of Special Agent Ed Martin and the FBI they (Gary Karr and David Waters) would have gotten away with murder.”


Sisters in Crime Heart of Texas Chapter meets monthly on the second Sunday of the month at 2:15 p.m.; however, since Mothers’ Day falls on the second Sunday in May, we will meet on the third Sunday, May 20, 2018.We will meet at Café Express at 3418 N. Lamar.

Sisters in Crime is an international organization of women and men whose mission is to promote the professional development and advancement of women crime writers to achieve equality in the industry. Speakers include published mystery authors and technical experts who help writers craft better mysteries and readers enjoy what they read. Meetings are free and open to all. For more information, check out the Sisters in Crime website at

For information contact Joyce Arquette, Publicity (512) 266-6543

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To do and detect all crimes by fair and reasonable means;
to conceal no vital clues from the reader; to honour the King’s English …
and to observe the oath of secrecy in all matters communicated to me
within the brotherhood of the Club. ~ Rules of The Detection Club


In the hands of Detection Club members during the Golden Age,
the novel at last became the natural form for the detective story.
It has remained so ever since.



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Detective stories offered readers pleasure at a time
when they feared for the future.
As the Wall Street Crash brought the Roaring Twenties to a shuddering end,
writers prided themselves on coming up with fresh ways
of disguising whodunit or howdunit,
but the most gifted novelists itched to do more,
to explore human relationships
and the complications of psychology. 


The Word on Our Members

Patricia Flaherty Pagan

ENDURING SPIRIT, STORIES, a short collection of my award-winning literary, crime, and fantasy stories, will be released on May 25 by Spider Road Press.


Meredith Lee

Meredith Lee, aka Sue Meredith Cleveland and Dixie Lee Evatt, were guest speakers at the noon luncheon of the Austin Woman’s Club on Thursday, April 5, 2018. They talked about their debut mystery, SHROUDED: A CRISPIN LEADS MYSTERY, and plans for the sequel, DIGGING UP THE DEAD, due for release this fall. The Austin Woman’s Club has been meeting at its historic downtown home since 1939, hosting artists, historians, civic leaders, and authors.





Her room sat at the top of a steep and slippery spiral staircase
made of iron which looked stylish, but was a death-trap
for anyone unlucky enough to lose her footing.
One day, she would turn that staircase into a fictional murder scene


 Who’s Blogging?

Helen Currie Foster  The Backward Dive or, Pulling the Threads

Noreen Cedeño  Background Research Fun: Marketing Via Sensory Input

K.P. Gresham  Research Pot of Gold, Thy Name is Billy Kring

M. K. Waller  Ice Cream Cone, 1958 ; Boo-Boo or, The Whisky Rebellion


A statue featuring a bust of Christie stands in Covent Garden,
the Pera Palace Hotel in Istanbul has an Agatha Christie room,
and her face smiles from a billboard welcoming tourists to Gran Canaria.
On the 120th anniversary of her birth,
cooks around the world baked a Delicious Death cake from a recipe by Jane Asher.
The book with the thickest spine in the world has been created
from the complete Miss Marple stories.
In Harrogate, a plaque in the Old Swan Hotel  (formerly the Hydropathic Hydro)
commemorates her disappearance,
the reason for which continues to provoke debate.
Agatha Christie is, in short, an icon
whose name is synonymous with detective fiction and mystery.


What Are You Reading?

Patty Flaherty Pagan – I just finished the first and second installments in Jane Harper‘s amazing Araon Falk mystery/thriller series set in Australia: THE DRY and the recent release FORCE OF NATURE. Her use of setting is masterful! Highly recommend it to fellow members (and everyone else).

Manning Wolfe – HUNTER’S MOON, by Billy Kring (going back over all his books before TONTON, my favorite)

Valerie ChandlerA GENTLEMAN IN MOSCOW by Amor Towles

M. K. WallerTHE GOLDEN AGE OF MURDER: The Mystery of the Writers Who Invented the Modern Detective Story, by Martin Edwards


Father Brown: “It must be very hard work to be a gentleman,
but, do you know, I have sometimes thought it was may be
almost as laborious to be a waiter.”


Selected Sites

 The Passive Voice

 Writer Unboxed

Jane Friedman

Feedspot:  “The Top 100 Writing Blogs and Websites for Authors to Follow in 2018”



The climax of one of Berkeley’s novels was so shocking
that when Alfred Hitchcock came to film it,
even the legendary master of suspense,
the man who would direct Psycho, lost his nerve.
He substituted a final scene that was a feeble cop-out
in comparison to Berkeley’s dark and horrific vision.



 HOTSHOTS! Wants You 

HOTSHOTS! welcomes reviews and articles written by members. Query kathywaller1 at gmail dot com.


The book was finished on 8 February, but Sayers usually found,
as many authors do,
that once she had finished a book,
she went through a phase of self-doubt,
because the execution had not lived up to her original concept.



The quotations above are taken from THE GOLDEN AGE OF MURDER: THE MYSTERY OF THE WRITERS WHO INVENTED THE MODERN DETECTIVE STORY, by Martin Edwards (HarperCollins, 2015)



No Lo Contendere

Members, send news to kathywaller1 at gmail dot com. Include both past and upcoming events. Include pictures if you have them.

Also send head shots and a list of your book titles/short story titles to Kathy for the HOTXSINC author page.

And send titles/authors of books (articles, websites, blogs) you’ve read or are reading, and that you recommend to other Sisters in Crime.

HOTSHOTS! welcomes reviews and articles written by members. Email  kathywaller1 at gmail dot com. 

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