HOTXSINC Meeting: March 11, 2018 at Cafe Express

Our mission is to promote
the ongoing advancement, recognition,
and professional development of women crime writers.
                                             ~ SINC Mission Statement

Program: Billy Kring on Creating and Stealing New Identities
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Billy Kring


Creating & Stealing New Identities


Our Sisters in Crime speaker for Sunday, March 11, will be Billy Kring.  In the world of entertainment, Billy Kring is a prolific writer, authoring over twenty books, as well as an actor. His years as a Border Patrol Agent, brought him into situations that color his stories with first-hand experience. He has been a consultant on terrorism and international border issues in such places as Mexico, South America, Eastern Europe, the Caribbean, and the Pan Pacific.

Billy has also written a romantic suspense novel under the name B.G. Kring, because his wife asked him to, and his latest novel, Hunter’s Moonhas met with great success. He will speak on creating or stealing new identities, a topic that is of particular value to many writers.


Sisters in Crime Heart of Texas Chapter meets monthly on the second Sunday of the month, at 2:15 p.m. at Cafe Express,  3418 N. Lamar, Austin 78705512 452-9888

For information about the Heart of Texas Chapter contact Joyce Arquette, Publicity, (512) 266-6543.

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“What I am telling you, before you begin my story, is this — two things:
I crave truth. And I lie. ” 

― Tana FrenchIn the Woods


Upcoming Programs

April: Michael Noll, Program Director of the Writers’ League of Texas

May: Ed Martin, former U. S. Treasury agent, now private investigator at Sage Investigationson Breaking the Madalyn Murray O’Hair Kidnapping/Murder Case


“Absence of evidence is not evidence of absence.” 
― Tana FrenchIn the Woods


The Word on Our Members

Noreen Cedeño‘s post “Wedding Receptions in the You-Tube Era” appeared on Writing Wranglers and Warriors on February 7. “A Plantain Is Not the Same Thing as a Banana: Merging Family Menus” appeared on March 6.


Noreen’s novel THE WALLS CAN TALK was chosen for the American Library Association’s Book Club Central for this month: March Mysteries with an Irish Connection.


Helen Currie Foster’s GHOST DOG was reviewed in Publishers Weekly: “Foster’s entertaining sequel to Ghost Cave … Alice’s plausible efforts to clear Tessa of a murder charge make for suspenseful reading. (BookLife)”


Sue Meredith Cleveland and Dixie Lee Evatt, aka Meredith Lee, were featured in a four-part article in February in AARP Texas. The authors of SHROUDED: A Crispin Leads Mystery spoke about their book and writing as a team.


Meredith Lee’s SHROUDED received a starred Blue Ink review in the February 15, 2018 issue of Booklist. Sue Cleveland and Dixie Evatt write together under the pen name Meredith Lee.


Manning Wolfe‘s essay “‘Based On’ or ‘Inspired By’ a True Story?” appeared on the Killer Nashville blog.



M. K. Waller will be selling and signing books at AllCon 2018 in Dallas the weekend of  March 16-18.



“I wasn’t sure I could make it through another hour of his company
without throwing my stapler at his head.” 

― Tana FrenchThe Likeness


Selected Sites

What Editors Want

The articles below were shared on The Passive Voice.

Mickey Spillane’s Work Keeps Coming, 12 Years After His Death

Tracking the slow, sad death of Barnes & Noble via data

Exclusive: Amazon aims to turn Alexa into a real-time universal language translator

B&N Third Quarter: Sales Drop 5.3%; Net Loss of $63.5M

Barnes & Noble drops after soft quarter

I have forgotten how to read

How to Create New Book Habits

The 15 Most Memorable On-Screen Bookstores

In Praise of Negative Reviews

On Bad Reviews

Measuring Fair Use: The Four Factors

Measuring Fair Use: The Four Factors

Common Examples of Fair Use


“Here’s a little tip for you. If you don’t like being called a murderer, don’t kill people.” 
― Tana FrenchFaithful Place


No Lo Contendere

Members, send news to kathywaller1 at gmail dot com. Include both past and upcoming events.
Also send head shots and a list of your book titles/short story titles to Kathy for the HOTXSINC author page.

HOTSHOTS! welcomes reviews and articles written by members. Email  kathywaller1 at gmail dot com. 

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