HOTXSINC September 10, 2017: U.S. Marshals

Our mission is to promote
the ongoing advancement, recognition,
and professional development of women crime writers.
                              ~ SINC Mission Statement

September 10 Program: U. S. Marshals
October 8: Party! Celebrating 30 Years of Sisters in Crime 

The Word on Our Members
Contests and Calls for Submissions
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The U.S. Marshals Service is the nation’s oldest and most versatile federal law enforcement agency, established in 1789. The Service holds a uniquely central position in the federal justice system and it is the enforcement arm of the federal courts, involved in virtually every federal law enforcement initiative. Presidentially appointed, U.S. Marshals direct actions in 94 districts, one for each federal judicial district and approximately 3,709 deputy marshals and criminal investigators form the backbone of the agency.

On September 10, U.S. Marshal Hector Gomez will speak to Sisters in Crime. He will cover the history of the US Marshals (1789 – present), historical and contemporary missions, establishment of the Lone Star Fugitive Task Force in Austin , and high profile local apprehensions. There will be an interactive discussion, and Q&A’s.

“Hector Gomez, Supervisory Deputy US Marshal.  Started my career in 1986 (31 yrs), posted in Brownsville, McAllen, Denver and Austin.  Assigned to general investigations, Witness Security (WITSEC) Division, and Task Force Commander of the Lone Star Fugitive Task Force.  Assigned to high threat trials in leadership and support roles involving Timothy McVeigh, Unabomber, John Gotti, Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs, White Supremacists and Narcotics Cartels.”


Sisters in Crime Heart of Texas Chapter meets monthly on the second Sunday of the month at 2:15 p.m. We are now meeting at Book People, 603 North Lamar, Austin, Phone 512-472-5050.  We meet on the third floor.

Sisters in Crime is an international organization of women and men whose mission is to promote the professional development and advancement of women crime writers to achieve equality in the industry. Speakers include published mystery authors and technical experts who help writers craft better mysteries and readers enjoy what they read. Meetings are free and open to all. Check out the Sisters in Crime website at

For information about the Heart of Texas Chapter, contact Joyce Arquette, Publicity (512) 266-6543


Are those cat hairs on your lapel, or have you been dating a blonde with a crew cut? ~ Lilian Jackson Braun











2:15 – 4:00 P.M.


603 N. LAMAR




“There’s something dangerous about the boredom of teenage girls.”
                                                           ~ Megan AbbottDare Me


The Word on Our Members

ThirtyNineStars will sponsor a book launch for Meredith Lee’s debut mystery novel, SHROUDED, on September 9, 2017, at The Writing Barn in Austin, Texas. The event is set for 3:00 to 5:00 pm.
 On November 10 at 7:00 p.m., Meredith Lee will speak and sign copies of SHROUDED at BookPeople.
Sue Cleveland & Dixie Lee Evatt

About SHROUDED: “Insecure American graduate student Crispin Leads has come to the Vatican to study burial rituals and catch up with her oldest friend, Sister Lew, historian for the Shroud of Turin. Within hours of Crispin’s arrival she witnesses a murder and is drawn into an investigation of multiple homicides.”


A Twitter Chat Party was held for the launch of DAY OF THE DARK: Stories of Eclipse, on August 24. Stories by Laura Oles and M. K. Waller appear in the anthology.



A woman’s body doesn’t quit just because her heart breaks. ~ Margaret Maron 



“Like accidents, marriages result because those involved
happen to arrive at what might be the wrong place,
at the same time.” ~ Margaret Yorke


 Contests & Calls for Submissions

Fiction Writing Contests Worth Your Time (Fall 2017 Edition)

Glimmertrain: Short Story Award for New Writers

Glimmertrain: 2017 Submission Calendar and Writing Guidelines           



Music has power to create a universe or to destroy a civilization. ~ Katherine Neville



9/5/2017 MysteryPeople
Sherry Thomas: Speaking & Signing!
@ BookPeople

9/9/2017 ThirtyNineStars
Meredith Lee: Book Launch! 
@ the Writing Barn

Hector Gomez, U. S. Marshal
@ BookPeople

Craig Johnson: Book Launch!
@ BookPeople

9/13/2017 MysteryPeople
William Kent Krueger: Speaking & Signing!
@ BookPeople

11/10/2017 BookPeople
Meredith Lee: Speaking and Signing!
@ BookPeople


… danger was always at its most lethal when disguised as respectability. ~ Susan Moody


 Selected Sites

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Telling the Truth in Fiction

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The Trouble With Action

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Every Good Book Is a Mystery, Even When It’s Not

Should You Ever Write for Free?

Thanks to The Passive Voice for sharing the following sites:

Hurricane Harvey: Bookstores ‘Bent, Not Broken’

‘Murder by the Book in Houston reported on Facebook that it “has a few damp places where water came in, but it is minimal compared to what we expected” so it plans to open today from noon to 6. “We’re happy to provide anyone who comes in with free coffee, charging stations, wi-fi and restrooms,” the store wrote. “Please pass this along for those who have lost electricity, or who just need a break from sitting home in the rain.”

Final Chapter for Pears’ Cyclopaedia after 125 Years in Print

Copyright Fable: Debunking the Seven Second Rule

Twitter Will Render Children Illiterate in 20 Years Says Jacobson

Rendezvous with le Carré

The World’s 50 Largest Publishers, 2017

What If Barnes & Noble Went Bankrupt?

Information Sickness: How It Hurts Us and How to Escape

The Evolution of Female Pen Names from Currer Bell to J. K. Rowling


The crimes that become iconic etch themselves into the collective consciousness
because they suggest a frightening truth:
that the universe does not rely on cause and effect.~S. J. Rozan



The One Thing More



When you’ve just made the most complete fool of yourself,
you feel the need of a specially high horse to ride. ~ Patricia Wentworth



Nolo Contendere

Members, send news for HOTSHOTS! to kathywaller1 at Member authors, send titles of your published books and stories, and a head shot, for the HOTXSINC author page, to the same address.

M. K. Waller, editor
kathywaller1 at

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