HOTXSINC July 9, 2017: Captain Mike Winn on the Military Justice System

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Program: Captain Mike Winn on the Military Justice System 

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Captain Mike Winn: Military Justice

Captain Mike Winn

At the July 9 HOTXSINC meeting, Captain Mike Winn, Legal Officer for the Permanent Executive Secretariat of  Conference of American Armies (PESCAA), will discuss the military-justice process in general, with a focus on special-victim offenses.

Captain Winn attended Texas A&M and earned a degree in Business Administration before earning his J.D. at SMU Dedman  School of Law. He served as a Trial Counsel/ Military Prosecutor in the Army from  2014-15, as a Legal Assistance Attorney in 2013-14, and as a Special Victim Counsel starting in 2013. He is currently a Legal Officer for the Permanent Executive Secretariat of the Conference of American Armies (PESCAA), U.S. Army South at Fort Sam Houston, in San Antonio, Texas.

Sisters in Crime Heart of Texas Chapter meets monthly on the second Sunday of the month at 2:15 p.m. at Book People, 603 North Lamar, Austin, phone 512-472-5050.  Take the elevator to the third floor.

For information about the Heart of Texas Chapter, contact Joyce Arquette, Publicity (512) 266-6543, and check out our website at


I was extraordinarily lucky.
I wrote a book because I wanted to see if I could write a mystery.
Someone nagged me into sending it to a contest, which it won,
after which I was offered a two-book contract,
thus requiring the writing of a second book. ~ Donna Leon


The Word on Our Members

From Wendy Gee
TORCHES is the story of hotshot arson investigator, Draymond Bernadino, who takes over the reins as the Charleston (SC) Fire Marshal and uncovers a ruthless web of corruption and buried secrets while probing two deadly fires thirty years apart.

I entered the Writer’s League of Texas manuscript contest for the professional critique. I am honored to have my work deemed worthy of recognition in this prestigious competition. The acknowledgement motivates me to continue my writing with an eye toward publication. I am deeply grateful to members of the WLT and Sisters in Crime (Heart of Texas Chapter) for their encouragement and commitment to developing writers of all skill levels.



From Manning Wolfe
My new Cover Reveal for MUSIC NOTES is out this week–to see, look to the left.
In addition, I’m going to ThrillerFest and would like to know if anyone else in our group is going so I can look for them–that is July 11-15th in NYC.



From Nancy G. West
I’m thrilled to announce that Rio Magazine–premier magazine for the San Antonio River Walk–hotels, restaurants, boat rides, natives, and tourists–will feature RIVER CITY DEAD, Aggie Mundeen Mystery #4, as its recommended read in the July issue. Here’s the link to the magazine:     Click July 2017.



From Helen Currie Foster
GHOST CAVE and GHOST DOG are now available on Amazon in the Audible Audio Edition, with GHOST LETTER and GHOST DAGGER following hot on their heels. I narrate the books.


I crawled into my book and pulled the pages over my head. ~ Laurie R. King


The New HOTXSINC Website

The HOTXSINC blog-newsletter has expanded into a website designed to make information about the chapter easy for readers to find. The HOME page is organized in the following way:

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Member authors, don’t forget to send head shots and a titles of publications to kathywaller1 at gmail dot com for inclusion on the Author page.      


“Our system is not one of justice, but of law.” ~ Edna Buchanan


Call for Submissions

The following link comes from Noreen Cedeño’s “Marketing Books,” part of her May 2017 HOTXSINC presentation. A link to her presentation on Power Point appears on our Resources page.

Publishing … and Other Forms of Insanity [This site contains information about contests, paying markets, writing conferences, and much more.]


The sight of one’s own heart is degrading; people are not meant to look inward–
that’s why they’ve been given bodies, to hide their souls. ~ Shirley Jackson  



Speculating About Cremains

by Rob Robertson

I assume the disposition of human remains comes up in crime novels.

In the US, anyhow, we have burials, cremation, and probable statutory handling rules.

Related to dispositions, whether by burial or cremation, there is the subject of jewelry worn by the decedent and cremains disposition.

I have not asked around so do not know.  I speak of gold, any maybe silver, teeth fillings.  I wonder what happens to those?

The funeral directors want to sell expensive caskets and urns. I do not know about types of caskets and costs.  With cremation, urns can be pricey.  Not sure if families buy urns if the cremains will be buried.

The least costly cremains containers are rectangular boxes, usually having a plastic handle at the top.  I have seen cardboard looking and shiny black containers. The weight of one person’s cremains is heavier than one might think.

In the one interment of cremains I have observed, the container was lowered into an opening over an existing casketed grave.  The opening was about 12 inches by 12 inches and about 18 inches deep.  Water had seeped into the bottom of the opening.

I make these remarks because I speculate writers could weave the subjects into novels.

Last, I am lazy.  I have not checked the Texas statutes to see if anything mentioned in this post is addressed, for example, gold teeth/fillings.

Rob Robertson practices family law, estate planning and probate, real estate, and business law in Austin. 


White-collar crime gets more outrageous by the second in America. ~ Sara Paretsky



7/9/2017 HOTXSINC Meeting
Capt. Mike Winn speaking on the military justice process
@ BookPeople

7/18/2017 MysteryPeople
Jeff Abbott: Book Launch!

7/21/2017 MysteryPeople
Ace Atkins: Speaking and Signing

7/26/2017 MysteryPeople
Bill Loehfelm, Rob Hart, & Jordan Harper


All of us sing more from sorrow than from joy.
It is tragedy that leaves a mark on the mind and calls for the tribute of a song.
Happiness is its own gift, and needs no other. ~ Sharon McCrumb, The Songcatchers


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In the good books


The period after the First World War was an extremely different time,
so that Sherlock Holmes would have been a different person following 1918
than he was during the Victorian era. ~ Laurie R. King


Nolo Contendere

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Kathy Waller, editor
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Even if people do wrong, we’re social animals, so what can we do about stopping them doing the same things in future?
Saying people are ‘bad’ or ‘evil’ is just an unwillingness to engage; an unwillingness to try to empathise.
That sanctimonious attitude doesn’t help anyone. ~ Denise Mina




Last Month

Dr. Douglas Derrer on Hypnosis

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