Miles Arceneaux for Sept. 11th Meeting

Miles Arceneaux is the author of four mystery novels set on the Texas Gulf Coast:Thin Slice of Life, LaSalle’s Ghost, Ransom Island, and North Beach. He writes in a style that one reviewer has called Gulf Coast Noir.
“He” or rather, “they,” will be Sisters in Crime: Heart of Texas guest speakers on Sunday, Sept. 11, at 2 p.m. at the Yarborough public library in Austin at 2200 Hancock Drive. 
Miles Arceneaux, the crime fiction author, is actually composed of three people who write novels together using one pen name. They will show you how to write about murder without killing your partners.
MA headshot
International businessman Brent Douglass writes in airports, hotel rooms and drinking establishments around the world. At present he is a principal owner of KBC Networks and peddles data transmission equipment in Latin America and the Caribbean. He is the cultured, cosmopolitan writer of the Miles Arceneaux trio. 

John T. Davis has been writing about the music, culture and personalities of Austin and the Southwest for more than 30 years for local, regional and national publications. He is the streetwise and roguishly irreverent co-author of the Miles Arceneaux canon, albeit its most discerning. 

James R. Dennis, a Dominican friar, practices law in San Antonio and across Texas. He writes and teaches on spiritual matters and lives with his two ill-behaved dogs. Of the three writers, he is the good-looking, funny one. He has just published a collection of his poetry, Correspondence in D Minor.

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