Just Published: For the Children’s Sake

The Heart of Texas: Sisters in Crime chapter congratulates member N.M. Cedeño on the publication of her second book For the Children’s Sake.

Father Ingall Bryan is already dead, murdered outside his home, when his brother Nate finds his body. The priest had been the single-minded champion of the voiceless Allergen Children, whose inexplicable genetic mutation causes their touch to be deadly. Now that Father Ingall has been murdered, who will speak up for them? The priest’s enemies were too numerous to count—from the families of those accidentally harmed by the children, to those fearful that the children may wipe out humanity at will. Are they ruthless killing machines, or innocent victims? It soon becomes clear that Nate will have to find his brother’s killer on his own. Nate’s investigation raises questions that somebody doesn’t want answered. Traps lie around every corner as the killer tries to stop him and any research that could help the Allergen Children. As the body count increases and the attacks on the researchers escalate, the situation for the quarantined children becomes explosive. Can Nate solve his brother’s murder in time to save the researchers’ lives, defuse a political time bomb, and prevent further injustice? He must, for his brother, and for the children’s sake.


N. M. Cedeño lives in Round Rock, Texas, and writes mystery short stories and novels, most of which are set in Texas. Her first novel, All In Her Head, a romantic suspense set in Dallas, was published in 2014 in partnership with Lucky Bat Books. Her science fiction/mystery short story A Reasonable Expectation of Privacy was published by Analog Science Fiction and Fact Magazine in 2012. This short story and several others are available as ebooks. She is working on a near future mystery series with paranormal elements, i.e. ghosts, set in central Texas. The first stories of the new series are set to be published in 2016. For more details or to contact the author, visit her website nmcedeno.com.

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