Dangerous Instincts: Cultivating Sources in Law Enforcement

Novelist Kit Frazier comes from a long line of hardheaded, trailblazing Texas women. Named for her great, great grandmother, Kit Hockaday, who saved her husband from Civil War bushwhackers – twice – Kit hopes to add to her family’s tradition of unconventional women.

“My mother was a police woman, my grandmother a ‘medicine woman’ and my great, great grandmother could shoot the beak off a chicken. So I turned to what my family knows best – murder, mayhem and more malevolent men than you can shake a stick at.”

On August 9 at the Sisters in Crime meeting, Kit Frazier will give a presentation on Dangerous Instincts: Cultivating Sources in Law Enforcement. Learn the secrets of how to get the real techniques, facts and stories (and a few that made it into award-winning fiction). She is the author of the Austin-based Cauley MacKinnon mystery series, including Scoop and Dead Copy.

Sisters in Crime Heart of Texas Chapter meets monthly on the second Sunday at 2:15 p.m. at the Yarborough Branch Public Library. Speakers include published mystery authors and technical experts who help writers craft better mysteries and readers enjoy what they read. Meetings are free and open to all.

Sisters in Crime is an international organization of women and men whose mission is to promote the professional development and advancement of women crime writers to achieve equality in the industry.

For information contact Joyce Arquette, Publicity (512) 266-6543.

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