New from Helen Currie Foster

Helen Currie Foster’s Ghost Cave and Ghost Dog, volumes 1 and 2 in the Alice MacDonald Greer Mystery Series, are now available on Amazon and at BookPeople in Austin.

When Alice MacDonald Greer abandons big-city law for small-town practice in Coffee Creek, Texas, she expects the quirky characters of the Texas Hill Country—but not personal danger. But that’s what she gets in Ghost Cave. When brusque, elderly Ollie West turns up dead after hiring her to protect prehistoric rock art on his ranch—paintings Alice finds unexpectedly powerful—Alice fights to honor his wishes but finds herself at odds with his family, and grappling with unexpected deaths in Ollie’s orbit. Everyone wants a piece of Ollie’s estate and someone is willing to kill for it.

In Ghost Dog, when folk icon Annie Temple is found dead in the pool at Twin Springs, a chic artist retreat-cum-recording studio run by a wannabe star and his moneyed wife, Alice gets a glimpse into the cowboy-poet dreams behind the music. Alice must unravel the mystery of the earlier disappearance of bad-boy singer Blanton Geddes before she can clear an up-and-coming young singer-songwriter of murder.

Helen Currie Foster lives north of Dripping Springs, Texas, supervised by three burros. She’s deeply curious about human history and how, uninvited, the past keeps crashing the party. Find her on Facebook or at

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