Call for Submissions: Micro-Mysteries for APL’s Facebook Page

Attention: All Members of Sisters in Crime ~ Heart of Texas Chapter

Call for Submissions!

Austin Public Library (APL) invites HoTxSinC members to submit a total of four (4) micro-mysteries for publication on the APL Facebook page this February.

One micro-mystery will be published each Sunday in February 2015.

Submission period is open NOW. Email your micro-mystery to Kathy Waller (kathywaller1 at as soon as you can.

For details, read on.

APL Guidelines

per Cesar Garza, Reference Librarian, Austin Public Library

SINC heart 41. I’m requesting 4 micro-mysteries, one to run on the APL Facebook page each Sunday in February.

SINC heart 42. Each micro-mystery must be emailed to me (cesar.garza at by the Friday before the story is to run; the sooner the better, so I can schedule it for Sunday.

SINC heart 43. In submitting a micro-mystery to APL, each writer gives APL permission to publish his or her story on APL’s web properties (Facebook, blog, etc.)

SINC heart 44. APL will give credit to each writer whenever his or her story is published.

SINC heart 45. Each micro-mystery should be between 95 and 100 words, excluding the title.

SINC heart 46. Each should have an element of crime or mystery fiction, yet be public-friendly to the extent possible for this genre; no sex or gratuitous violence.

SINC heart 47. Feel free to tell friends and family members about the micro-mystery series, especially after the story is published on the APL Facebook page ( Something like this can really benefit from word of mouth, so don’t be shy about hitting the Facebook like and share buttons!

SINC heart 48. The Micro-mystery event will appear on the APL event calendar. Members will receive a link when it’s ready.

HoTxSinC Procedures

SINC heart 4Email your micro-mystery to Kathy Waller (kathywaller1 at Copy and paste your story into the body of the email OR attach it in a Word document.

SINC heart 4Write your name and the date on the submission. Write the title at the top of the story. The 95-100 word limit does NOT count the title.

SINC heart 4In the subject line, write “APL MICRO-MYSTERY ENTRY – [Your Name] – [Title]

SINC heart 4Each member may submit as many micro-mysteries as she wishes.

SINC heart 4HoTxSinC Deadlines

Kathy must receive micro-mysteries by 5:00 p.m. on the following days:

Wednesday, January 28      (for publication February 1)
Wednesday, February 4      (for publication February 8)
Wednesday, February 11    (for publication February 15)
Wednesday, February 18    (for publication February 22)

SINC heart 4BUT—To repeat–Start sending micro-mysteries ASAP (aka NOW).
Stories not chosen one week will be eligible for consideration the next.

SINC heart 4The four stories to be published will be selected by a panel of highly professional and remarkably impartial members. No member will judge his own manuscript.

SINC heart 4A designated HoTxSinC member will email selections to Cesar Garza at APL.


SINC heart 5

APL is giving us a wonderful opportunity to get our work before the public. Special thanks are due to Cesar Garza, Reference Librarian, and Mindy Reed of Recycled Reads for helping make this possible.

Let’s show our appreciation by Liking the APL Facebook page and by doing what we love most–writing mysteries.

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