Due to Covid-19 all meetings are now being held via ZOOM.  Please check the upcoming meetings page for  more information!


9411 Bee Cave Rd
Austin, TX 78746

2:00 p.m. – 3:30 p.m.


Sisters in Crime is an international organization of women and men whose mission is to promote the professional development and advancement of women crime writers to achieve equality in the industry. Speakers include published mystery authors and technical experts who help writers craft better mysteries and readers enjoy what they read. Meetings are free and open to all. For more information, check out the Sisters in Crime website at

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Laura Bush Community Library

9411 Bee Cave Road

Austin, Texas 78746


We meet the 2nd Sunday of every month at 2:00 PM, except in May when we meet the 3rd Sunday of the month.

Meetings are free and open to the public.


  HoTXSinC’s dues ~ $25 for the year.

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For information about the Heart of Texas Chapter

Check out our blog/newsletter

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Welcome to Sisters in Crime
~ Heart of Texas Chapter

Heart of Texas is a chapter of Sisters in Crime, an international organization whose mission is to promote the ongoing advancement, recognition and professional development of women crime writers.

hotx-logo-72dpiWe are writers and readers, men and women, who share an interest in crime fiction. Current members live throughout Central Texas–from Waco on the north to San Antonio on the south–but our territory has no borders: No matter where you live, you’re welcome here.

We meet monthly in Austin to hear speakers–authors, editors, book designers, publishers, attorneys, law enforcement officers, sociologists, forensic artists, scientists and technologists, and other professionals–present programs designed to improve writing skills and to broaden our knowledge of the worlds we read and write about. In addition, our own authors share their publications and works in progress.

Meetings are free and the public is invited.  All regular meetings are the 2nd Sunday of every month (except May when the meeting is on the 3rd Sunday)



9411 Bee Cave Rd
Austin, TX 78746

2:00 p.m. – 3:30 p.m.




As a HOTXSINC member, you have the opportunity to

  • sell your books at the HOTXSINC table during the annual Texas Book Festival;
  • receive discounted (or free) tuition for chapter-sponsored classes and workshops
  • network with writers in other local organizations;
  • participate in a variety of chapter-sponsored activities: readings and signings, contests, publications, field trips, critique groups;
  • have your name, a photo, a brief bio, and your publications displayed on our website;
  • become part of a close-knit community dedicated to encouraging and supporting the creative endeavors of all members;
  • access all the resources of the international Sisters in Crime.



To join or renew, click here.


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Current Issues


JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2021 HOTSHOTS! (click on image to view) Inside this issue:  Letter from the Chapter President, Meet our Member – Patrick Kelly, Congratulations – Kelly Cochran and Dave Ciambrone, New Fiscal Year, What’s Happening Sisters in Crime is an international organization of women and men whose mission is to promote the professional development and advancement of … Continue reading HoTXSinC Jan/Feb 2021 – HOTSHOTS! NEWSLETTER


NOVEMBER/DECEMBER 2020 HOTSHOTS! (click on image to view) Inside this issue:  Never Ever Round Robin, NaNoWriMo #SinC50K, Remembering Joyce Arquette, Austin Shakespeare – Agatha Christies The Hollow, Authors of Mystery Talk, Free Workshop with Bernard Schaffer (Houston Chapter) Sisters in Crime is an international organization of women and men whose mission is to promote the … Continue reading HoTXSinC Nov/Dec 2020 – HOTSHOTS! NEWSLETTER

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HOTXSINC welcomes new members–everyone, both writers and readers–who are interested in crime fiction.

For membership in HOTXSINC, you must also be a member of the international Sisters in Crime.

To join the international organization, go to the Sisters in Crime website. You may join online or download a form and join by mail. If you complete the process online, you may immediately create an account that allows you to access the Members Only section of the website and set up your profile.

Then, to join HOTXSINC click here for a printable form. Dues are $25. Fill out the form, enclose a check for $25, and send to

Dave Ciambrone, Treasurer
Sisters in Crime – Heart of Texas Chapter
4500 Williams Drive Suite 212 – 334
Georgetown, TX 78633

If you have questions, email Dave Ciambrone, mysterywriter5 at msn dot com.

For a list of ways HOTXSINC membership can benefit you, click here.

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 SINC heart 4Alexandra Burt

Alexandra Burt

The Good Daughter
Remember Mia

SINC heart 4N. M. Cedeno

N. M. Cedeno
N. M. Cedeno

All in Her Head
For the Children’s Sake
The Walls Can Talk
Degrees of Deceit 


Short Stories
A Reasonable Expectation of Privacy
In the Interest of Public Safety
Bad Vibes Removal Services: Short Story Collection
Island Vibes and Other Stories
Arson Vibes and Other Tales


Dave Ciambrone  SINC heart 4

David Ciambrone

Laguna Treasure
Napa Nights
Pelican Cove
Castle Finlaystoke
Left at Georgetown
San Gabriel’s Secret
Quest for the Crystal Skull
The Trashy Gourmet
Dangerous Threads
Murder at Webster’s Point
Trail of Thread
Red Tide Murders
Suspicious Threads (in work)


Poison Handbook for Writers

SINC heart 4Kelly Cochran

Kelly Cochran
Kelly Cochran

Buying Time
Borrowed Time

Short Stories
Blinded by Murder (Fish or Cut Bait: A Guppy Anthology)

SINC heart 4Helen Currie Foster

Helen Currie Foster

Ghost Letter
Ghost Dog
Ghost Cave
Ghost Dagger
Ghost Next Door
Ghost Cat

SINC heart 4  K. P. Gresham

K. P. Gresham

Murder in the Second Pew
The Preacher’s First Murder
Three Days at Wrigley Field

SINC heart 4Patrick Kelly

Patrick Kelly

The Entrepreneurs
The Cartel Banker
A Siren’s Love
The Island Thief

Meredith LeeSINC heart 4

Meredith Lee: Sue Cleveland & Dixie Lee Evatt

Digging Up the Dead

K.M. HodgeSINC heart 4

Kelly Manfredini

Red on the Run
Black and White Truth
True Blue Son
Sally Ride Chronicle
Walker Texas Wife
Texas and Tiaras
Save the Date
Summer of ’78

Laura OlesSINC heart 4

Laura Oles

The Daughters of Bad Men

“Buon Viaggio” in Murder on Wheels
“Oceans Fifty” in Day of the Dark

Francine Paino

Francine Paino

To Live and Die for Dance
Mama’s Little Lady
“OTwo Wolves Dancing

Short Stories
“Ivan’s Double Life” in Funny Times and Over My Dead Body

Eugenia Parrish

Eugenia Parrish

Eugenia Parrish’s Bakers Dozen +2
The Last Party in Eden
Murder at the End of the Line
The Tattoo Murders
A Cold Blue Killing

SINC heart 4M. K. Waller

M. K. Waller

“A Nice Set of Wheels” and “Hell on Wheels” in Murder on Wheels
“And Justice for All” in Mysterical-E
“I’ll Be a Sunbeam” in Day of the Dark: Stories of Eclipse

SINC heart 4Nancy G. West

Nancy G. West
Nancy G. West

River City Dead
Nine Days to Evil
Fit to Be Dead
Dang Near Dead
Smart But Dead